Felted Woolies are things made from reclaimed, recycled wool. I find wool at thrift stores and garage sales. I clean it, felt it or unravel it, and make new things. I seem to have a bit of trouble focusing on just one project--so I make a lot of different things, practical and not so practical.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

this hat but it is FABULOUS

It is made by Wandering Lydia and I think it is beautiful.   I love the shape, and I'd wear the shape.  It is designed to fit down over the tops of the ears, so it wouldn't be that much higher than the head...  I've shown her stuff in my blog before.  Sometimes, I look at the things others make and I am awe struck.  

Comment a few hours later...   I notice that the title for this post makes no sense.  This hat wowed me so I was unable to construct a coherent title for a blog post.  I should probably change it so readers have some idea what the post will contain, but I won't. 

1 comment:

  1. It reminds me of a perfect blop of purple whipped cream. (is there such a thing? If not, there should be.) Fun find!