Felted Woolies are things made from reclaimed, recycled wool. I find wool at thrift stores and garage sales. I clean it, felt it or unravel it, and make new things. I seem to have a bit of trouble focusing on just one project--so I make a lot of different things, practical and not so practical.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

New Friends

The kitties are done, and they found a new bear friend.  I may try monkeys next...  Since I'm using the idea of a sock monkey for these.    I call them Sweater Kitties, and Sweater Bears.  Seems appropriate since they are made of sweaters and wearing sweaters.    I love the little skirts.  (Made from 100% cotton off the 25 cent rack during my last trip to the thrift stores...) 


  1. So cute! I am in love with needle felting.
    Found you on Michal Creations blog hop from last week.
    Love meeting other crafty people.
    I hope you come by to say hi.

  2. I love these! They are adorable :)