Felted Woolies are things made from reclaimed, recycled wool. I find wool at thrift stores and garage sales. I clean it, felt it or unravel it, and make new things. I seem to have a bit of trouble focusing on just one project--so I make a lot of different things, practical and not so practical.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Teacher tokens

I won't call them teacher gifts, because it is just a cookie. However, I like to remember all the teachers, aides, therapists, etc. that work with Joseph and Alex each year. For Joseph the list includes 11 names, for Alex 10. We do a gift certificate to Dave's company for the lead teacher for each boy as well.

These photos document the process this year! I had a bit of trouble with the cookies. The first trays were under baked--then I forgot to set the timer for the second set, so they were overbaked. I ended up making a second batch of dough. Now we have extras for ourselves. Dave actually likes these this year. It is the first time in seventeen years he has liked my sugar cookies.

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  1. such cute cookies, lora!!! how thoughtful of you.